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February 14, 2005 - 1:14 pm

work is slow today which is great. c has the day off (tho he also is working for his freelance client) so we are at home together which means we can take many breaks together! yay!

i am feeling better about my career worries, tho it's not due to any big decisions. the passing of time has left those worries in the dust and pushed those thoughts to the furthest corners of my mind where they'll be dealt with eventually. i have new worries to deal with now. this weekend we went to seattle to look for a dress for my wedding. c managed to find a suit that fit at private screening, a lovely little vintage shop, which is pretty amazing as his waist is 32 and he is very very tall (6 ft 4) and lanky. i, unfortunately, didn't have such great luck. i did find a dress that looked very pretty at the same store, but the fabric was almost too shear and it did have a 1950's matron appeal, rather than a 1950's blushing bride appeal. but that led me to the fact that yes, my body is definitey more matronly than bride-like and that vintage dresses seem to fit better than new ones. the time i spent trying on dresses at the bon-macy's were a disaster in every respect. i tried to heed the words of the hosts on 'what not to wear' and try things on that i wouldn't normally consider, but that was a downright failure. i'm 34 and i guess i am aware what looks good on my figure. i did find a photograph of the perfect dress in the new budget living magazine. unfortunately, it wasn't in store or online when i checked. i am thinking of making modifications to the design and finding someone local who can make it for me.

it's sunny outside, the cherry trees are in bloom and it's valentines day. i think it's time to go for a bike ride and eat a nice lunch with c.

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