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February 10, 2005 - 10:53 pm

i've seen this meme go around and now it's my turn -- thanks to the lovely miss myra-lee's bidding. i don't have an ipod, but i do have itunes and a computer with a very small hard drive. i'll do the best i can.

I: Ten Random Songs
Instructions: Put your MP3 player on "shuffle" and list the first ten songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.

"ghost mountain" by the unicorns. montreal music is being written about every where. a great, great song and a great band too.

"to seed and flower" by oneida. i downloaded a bunch of oneida off limewire after liking a few songs of theirs. it's not their best song, but they hold promise.

"i will be there when you die" by my morning jacket. for some reason this track also says "godspeedyoublackemperor". i don't know what the connection is. a very pretty sad song....i like those alot.

"goodies" by Ciana Feat. Petey Pablo. please don't judge.

"the valleys" by electralane. this song is pure heaven and i think everyone should go to their downloading program and get it now. wow. this song amazes me each time i hear it.

"jerusalem" by mirah. a very pretty song and everytime it comes on my itunes i always have to stop what i'm doing to find out who's singing this song (in my mind i think it's rilo kiley, but it's always mirah. itunes knowledge beats me every time).

"the harder they come" by jimmy cliff. this song reminds me of summer. i loved the movie but i remember this song most because one hot summer day i was working hard on some stupid web project and my downstairs neighbour turned this song up really loud. i sang along.

"ban marriage" by the hidden cameras. poppy and pleasing.

"in the back seat" by the arcade fire. this band is constantly playing and i don't mind the fact that itunes plays favorites. this song isn't as great as many of their others, but it's still a nice song.

"can you do that dance?" by the pink mountaintops. this vancouver band is also part of black mountain...but the songs on this ep are all sexy. it's a great song and a great ep too.

not too embarassing, thankfully and lots of canadian content to boot.

II: Question and Answer Section
Read question. Answer question.

What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
602 songs (1.5 days says itunes) which isn't that much in comparison to most, but my computer is old and i don't want to kill it before it's time.

The last CD you bought.
oh my goodness, i can't honestly remember. i've been really bad with mp3s lately. i definitely remember buying my friend's cd at a gig in the summer...

The last song you listened to before reading this message.
"come see me tonight" by daniel johnson. there's a sweet desperation in his songs that i love. he's crazy to boot.

III: Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.

1. "99 problems" by jay-z. okay, this song doesn't mean a lot to me in the way most of the time we talk about songs, but it is a great song. i listen it a lot and i haven't gotten tired of it yet. sadly, i don't know all the words yet but i got the "if you're having girl problems i feel bad for you son. i've got 99 problems and a bitch ain't one" down.

2. "new star song" by the mountain goats. this is one of my most favorite songs ever. i only wish c liked it too. my friend randy made me a tape of the mountain goats and i loved it instantly: "i thought about how cold you must be. i thought about things i thought i'd soon be forgetting. i thought about you up in canada as the lightening storms lit up all of downtown redding."

3. "you you you you you" by the 6ths. c wooed me with this song (as well as with countless others) and i have to admit that it worked....he was also a good kisser too!

4. "new partner" by palace. this song is so romantic and sad. it's held deep in my heart and i've definitely shed a tear or two listening to this song. i do love the line "there's a skirt in the bedroom that's pleasantly low".

5. "extramundane" by bedhead. this song reminds me of years ago, when i was unemployed with my best friend meesoo. we'd play scrabble til 5am, drink fruity ciders and smoke the funny sticks.

Who will you pass this stick to and why?
Stick Recipient #1: demoderby because i know she's got some good music on her emac & she needs to reappear in diaryland!

Stick Recipient #2: the-ordinary, cuz i know she's gangsta.

Stick Recipient #3: shadowdress, because music can be a nice warm hug.

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