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January 30, 2005 - 8:25 pm

i'm walking on air with giddiness. it's fully sickening to go on and say just how much i love c...but dammit, he makes me so happy!

it's been a good weekend. disasterously short, but sweet. cooking and baking up a storm. shopping for shoes and not finding anything suitable...but coming home with 2 jadeite baking pans for less than $10. good music on rotation in itunes: joanna newsome and keren ann. rainy night drunken bikes rides. breaking out of comfort zones and meeting new people and actually having a good time. hot tea. the office on dvd.

can't i have one more day of the weekend? tommorrow is my last day of work and tuesday i start somewhere new. at least a day off between would have been nice. damn.

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