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January 18, 2005 - 4:42 pm

ah, here's a novel idea...write in my diary at work. i know everyone does it, but at this job i just didn't have the time. so now that my time will be up and the work is slowing down, i can definitely make a little personal time here at work. and yes, friends, that is just what i've been up to! ever since i got the news about being laid off, i've been working on my portfolio and writing emails galore -- all on company time! aren't i the worst? no, i don't think so. really, as employees go, i'm top notch (and i'm not just saying that to pump myself for a dreary job search). and speaking of job hunting, i did upload my new online portfolio and i still have to tinker a bit with the wording and get more illustrations up, but it looks okay. and, it works in every single browser from safari to opera (well, except for netscape4). now that's an accomplishment! and now that i have something decent online, i've got to actually start applying for jobs. sigh. i hate the job search process!

the past week has been filled to the brim with lacklustre happenings. i was either at work or working on my portfolio which certainly doesn't strike excitement in anyone's heart. besides hanging out with my reluctant and slow best friend, g4, i've had little in the way of social interaction. kristen and her boyfriend came over on saturday night and we drank yummy red wine and watched 'shaun of the dead' while eating vegan potato chips (yes, i sent cornelius out in the rain to return the chips he had bought due to the presence of non-vegan whey). tonight's social gathering involves dinner with old co-workers, which isn't as bad as it sounds. i'm not all that keen on going to the cactus club in yaletown for dinner but at least they have great salads and i can have a very cold beer. mmmm, beer.

on the wedding front, i'm so totally not into it. it seems too crazy to plan for something so far ahead...plus we haven't set a date yet. june maybe? i did get a pretty little pink n' brown designed book at the library called something like how to plan a wedding in under 4 months. yes, that's my style! my experience at weddings is pretty low, having only attended kyla and randy's weddings this summer. i called my parents this weekend just to confirm that they were going to come to our wedding and my mom assures me they are. i'm not holding my breath tho...my dad hasn't said anything about it at all and i would be pretty disappointed if he didn't show. cornelius' family, on the other hand, is pleased as punch about our upcoming nuptuals. it's kind of freaking me out as i'm not one to be the center of attention and held up to some kind of tradition. ah, me and weddings! cornelius, on the other hand, has become a wedding planner extraordinaire! yesterday he registered with the knot so that he could start planning our budget. so when i came home from work, he had our guest list down and figured out how much we could spend on food, booze and everything else. he even called around for locations! really, the only thing i want to be in charge of is the little things like invitations and the fun crafty bits. i think i will pull out the print gocco for some wedding invites!

okay, i need a beer right now.

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