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January 12, 2005 - 6:52 pm

this morning i decided to take control and spoke to the person i thought might have the answer about my job future. i spoke with the vp first thing this morning and then she spoke to her higher up and i got my answer: i'm out on my ass at the end of the month. but i'm okay with it, it's not a shock and i'll get my 3 weeks vacation paid to me at the end of the month, which is better than nothing. i'm going to start a serious job search once i finish up my portfolio (which by the way, is verrrrry pretty and should be online by the end of the week). things happen for a reason, correct? well, i'm open for something new and good. and if nothing new and good comes along, i've got a few freelance jobs that have come along to keep me occupied. i'll be okay. i know it.

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