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January 09, 2005 - 12:35 pm

this morning, c and i got up at a reasonable sunday morning hour. he headed out in the snow (snow!!!) to run to the store to grab the morning paper so that we could start on the crossword, while i stayed in my flannels and made coffee, poured my favorite orange juice (made my real-live juvenille deliquints) and mixed up a batch of pancakes. the crossword was a bitch, but breakfast was great and our soundtrack was even better (lots of the fiery furnaces mixed in with the concretes' "you can't hurry love" -- my favorite song of 2004).

when c left work for, i managed to sweep and wash the kitchen and bathroom floors, do the breakfast dishes and start tidying up the livingroom. i'm trying to get a lot of stuff done early, so that i'm not tempted by the lure of procrastination (which for me, strangely enough, is household chores along with the obvious online ramblings). i've got to follow through with the january sentiment on my 2005 nikki mcclure calendar and "embark" on something. and that something will be reworking my portfolio. i haven't touched it in months and it hasn't been redesigned in years. if i soon will be jobless, i've got to be prepared and get my house in order, so to speak.

the past week has gone by quickly. work was steady but thankfully, not crazy busy. i left the office each day around 5pm and happily left at 2pm on friday due to the large amounts of snow falling (we vancouverites are quite the pussies when it comes to snow). instead of heading home, i walked to the mall for some retail therapy where i bought a nice wool sweater from old navy for $8 and a very pretty pair of soft brown pants that were on super-sale from the gap. ever since the snow started falling i've been walking everywhere. taking my bike is just too risky and i've actually enjoyed my walks to and from work, especially since i'm well prepared in the boots department (i thank cornelius for persuading me to buy a pair of hi-tec hiking boots a few summers ago). yesterday i walked to commercial drive for groceries and the snow was falling so hard that all the swirling flakes made me feel dizzy. i'm in love with all of this new winter weather. everything seems magical and quiet, like being inside of a snow globe.

with the end of a year and the start of a new one, it's tradition that everybody should be reflective or have some hopes or aspirations for the coming year. it's been a good year, 2004 -- you behaved like a complete gentleman. i can't think of anything off-hand that had been too rough or too disasterous (at least in my own personal selfish realm of the world). i can only remember all the good bits (weddings, raises, opportunities, engagements, trips) and that's how things should be. i can only wish the best for 2ohoh5. i've made my peace and i'm ready to embark.

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