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December 20, 2004 - 9:49 pm

today was hell at work. i had a great weekend, filled with lots of friends and lots of alcohol but this morning i was a mess from not enough sleep and too many drinks. c came by at 6:30 to help me figure out a problem at work and when we walked to the bus stop, i asked if he could do the dishes tonight and he jokingly said no. i made a jokey sad face and then burst into real tears. i guess i didn't realize how much stress i was hiding inside. not a pretty sight.

tonight i should be making some white chocolate peppermint bark and some dark chocolate nut bark, but instead i'm taking a much needed rest in front of the television. thank you "what not to wear" for your distraction. i also managed to not turn on the computer all weekend! small victories. i am now going to turn it back off and go to bed. i can't wait.

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