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December 16, 2004 - 8:12 am

last night we borrowed c's parents car and bought a christmas tree at ikea. we also bought some lovely sheets (fitted and flat) and some wrapping paper. we showed much restraint. we haven't decorated the tree yet, but snoopy is having fun catching all the lady bugs that seem to be disappointed in their new home. we also went to the jewellery store to have my engagement ring resized (he bought it a whole size too big --- tho it's not his fault, as i had gone to birks to get measured in september and i guess i had a fatter finger that day). even though i've only had the ring since saturday night, my finger feels so bare and it makes me sad to not see that sparkling thing as a type away. sigh.

this morning, i have a very sexy school marm get-up: tall zip-up black boots, fishnet stockings (small holes), a tweed skirt, a white freshly ironed button down shirt and a satin yolked black wool cardigan. my new boots make me seem much more mature so i feel like i'm playing dress-up....especially since i've just been wearing cords and jeans to work lately. unfortunately, i have a huge pimple at the end of my nose that is below the surface, but whose extreme redness is making itself well known. i feel like rudolf the red-nosed worker-bee. fuck! so much for thinking i look all sexy for once! damn, foiled again.

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