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December 05, 2004 - 9:46 pm

i guess weekends become whirlwinds when work weeks are crazy. this weekend i went thrifting with kristen and i bought a bunch of stuff while not spending more than $30. loads of very pretty vintage fabric, bar ware and kids books. kristen also donated 2 pairs of her old cords to my stocking project, so today i made 8 more stockings tho i will still have to finish them off, making cuffs with some of the nice fabric that i bought.

friday night cornelius met me at work and we headed off to the bay to check out their christmas section. oooh, i loved it so much! while in the linen section, i fell in love with some pretty flannel christmas sheets but restrained myself from buying them. we also saw "the machinist" which was definitely creepy and i loved the funhouse scene so much! sadly, it did seem to lose some steam near the end of the movie, but i loved it for it's style and how it genuinely creeped me out. then it was off for an indian food dinner and good times back in our cozy home.

why are weekends so short??

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