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November 15, 2004 - 10:18 pm

feeling creative after a full day of work and a trip to the gym, i decided to play in illustrator. i drew the most loveliest hillside scene with children playing and lots of interesting looking trees. i was quite proud of myself. unfortunately, i was an idiot and shut down illustrator without saving it. i managed to save one lowly tree that i had apparently cutxpasted. so i moved it into photoshop and played around. the result is not as pretty as it would have been, and in order to not make a total waste of the evening, i decided to use it here as my new diaryland look. whoop-do-doo!

in other news, a squirrel tried to come into our bathroom window this afternoon. c was home and was able to scare it away. however, it did do some damage to my lovely vintage ceramic squirrel. what are the odds?

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