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November 14, 2004 - 12:00 pm

yesterday i woke up at 7:21am because the phone rang (wrong number) and i couldn't fall back asleep. c and i had breakfast and started the nytimes sunday crossword before he had to head off to work. i baked some pumpkin-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies for mel to thank her for saving my computer's life. and then i headed off to my work just so that i could catch up on a few things. once that ordeal was over with, i headed out to the seamrippers fair to drop off mel's cookies and i ended up buying a couple of her cutie-pie bird patches and a couple of postcards from someone else. i also got to meet fellow dlanders shanny and jamie! but i was getting claustrophobic in the small basement space and had to leave shortly after introducing myself. i headed to the liquor store and bought some red wine and 2 8packs of pil. no, that's not how i deal with meeting new people or claustrophobia, but rather, i was having guests over that night for a game of "survive/survivre". kristen, ryan and dan all came over and we chatted and played til the wee hours of the night. good times and board games, i love it!

for some ungodly reasonm, this morning, c had set his alarm for 7:15am. of course, once it went off, i couldn't get back to sleep no matter how much i tried. so i got up, started breakfast and made c get up so that he could empty our too-full compost bucket. once he returned from his walk to the community gardens, we had a good breakfast and got down to business with the crossword. thankfully, this weekend's crossword is much easier than last weekend's. it's almost finished and i'm hoping we can complete the missing links tonight without resorting to cheating on the internet for clues. c has already left for work and i'm excited about the rest of the day. of course, i've got some more work to catch up on (damn you full-time beast!), but i also will definitely get in some crafting time. seeing all of those crafty seamripper ladies made me feel bad that i haven't gotten my ass in gear in terms of doing the stuff i really love. so today, i'm going to rent a movie or two and get out my felt and my yarn and start making stuff. i've got ideas and plans, so i'm good to go!

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