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November 11, 2004 - 9:14 pm

phew! it's been a busy week, but today was pure sweetness. once we got our costco shopping fix, it was smooth sailing. holidays, i love 'em! we drove out to burnaby mountain and walked around, poking around the japanese totem poles and checking out the views. it was the most fabulous day, warm with blue skies and lots of sunshine. middle of november, really?? after that bit of nature, we headed to belcarra park and walked along the water for more. beautiful! once we got back into vancouver, we decided to check out a new condo development and were totally wooed by the pretty suites and location. of course, it's only a dream...but it was definitely fun to pretend.

yesterday after a long day at work, i met c in chinatown and we headed to our favorite restaurant on our favorite street (phenom phen on e. georgia street). mmmm! after our fantastic dinner, we rented a couple of dvds ("supersize me" and "mean girls") and just spent the night on the couch.

i can't believe that tommorrow is work again, but i'm ready, relaxed and i want to be there. crazy.

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