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November 09, 2004 - 8:19 pm

my life is too boring and i'm just too tired to write coherent sentences, so it's point form for you!

  • we got our fridge today! when i got home, c stocked the freezer with ice-cream, a treat we haven't had since we've lived here. yay!
  • today at 3pm, blender drinks at the office.
  • too many pina coladas & stawberry daqueries and 5:30pm later means that tommorrow i'll have lots of work to catch up on.
  • next monday = payday = keihl's blue toner
  • looking forward to thursday's holiday.
  • on saturday we watched "coffee and cigarettes". tho i could have done without 2 episodes, i thought it was pretty great. on sunday afternoon, i watched "drugstore cowboy" with director commentary. i *heart* matt dillon.

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