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November 07, 2004 - 11:43 am

this morning we were supposed to get a new fridge delivered, but when the driver came, the fridge wouldn't fit into our doorway. our landlord will have to get us another narrower fridge...sometime in the near future. damn! all that cleaning out the fridge and hallway for nothing!

we also have the opportunity to switch apartments with someone on our floor. yesterday i ran into my neighbour who is moving out at the end of the month. her friend is moving in but was thinking of switching, as the apartment is really 1.5 bedrooms and two hundred dollars more than our 1 bedroom. the apartment has lots of bonuses: hardwood floors throughout, a shower/clawfoot tub (as opposed to our enamel-peeled clawfoot tub), more spacious and the livingroom & bedroom look out over the park out front. but it is $200 more than what we currently pay and the kitchen isn't as large or doesn't have all the original beautiful cabinetry that ours has. hmmm. something to think about.

i'm feeling a bit sick and since i've got to keep myself well during my training at work, i can't let it happen. yesterday i ate lots of garlic and i'm expecting to do more of the same today. hopefully c will remember to bring me back some grapefruit juice to keep me well. better start gobbling some vitamins!

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