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October 28, 2004 - 10:01 am

i can't seem to get into writing in my diary lately. nothing is really going on and therefore i have nothing very exciting to say. i've worked 2 days at the office this week and i'm happy about that. tho it does seem suspicious that i actually have to work on the sunniest, warmest days and don't work the rainy, cold days -- days when i have to ride around on my bike doing errands.

dan and pam are going to portland this weekend and will stay with kyla. i really want to send her a little care package with them, so that means that i have to work on it today. i'm feeling pretty blah though. i'm sure a bath and heading to the gym will make me feel better and get me started on things that should have been done ages ago. oh motivation, where art tho?

i haven't heard from my client about the mockups i did for him. but i did receive my engagement fee. i'm just feeling antsy that he hates everything that i did -- tho i'm sure that's not the case. i've got to get out of my funk! now!

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