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October 22, 2004 - 9:02 am

last night i reinstalled osx again and i finally got illustrator working -- thanks to very beautiful and stylish demoderby! wheee!! the sad thing is that my computer is an old g4 that does not have a cd burner, so i chose to back up my files & fonts on antiquated zip discs rather than save all my music...so back to limewire i go.

cornelius is working the book sale today at the library, so he had to get up at 7am and even though i went to bed well past 2am last night, i got up with him. my body is crazy. luckily he comes home at noon, so we actually spend some time together and go out on a rainy day adventure. tonight we're going to see "i heart huckabees" as i've got free passes for the fifth avenue theaters that expire at the end of the month. but right now, i'm gonna make me a strong coffee or two and make some oatmeal with raisins. mmmmm.

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