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October 18, 2004 - 8:38 pm

pointless boring entry. please feel free to pass on by.

→ cornelius is putting the books back on our shelves. yay!

→ we're listening to the new clinic album loud (actually, i lied. we're not listening to the album, just a bunch of clinic mp3s thanks to livewire).

→ my period came five days early.

i love her photos.

→ c is bugging me about my music. when i was listening to the be good tanya's he asked if i was listening to ani di franco (who i hate). when i was listening to coco rosie he asked if i was listening to tori amos (who i hate). c is saying nothing now that i'm listening to "speeding motorcycle" by daniel johnson & yo la tengo.

→ i might as well add that i have always hated tom waits music. i do like his acting, however. that might be something you'd like to know about me.

→ cornelius bought me this book today. he found it new for $10 in new west. i love delete piles.

→ did you know that there is an old navy in downtown vancouver? i didn't until today.

→ i've listened to 7 songs while typing this entry. whooo!

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