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October 04, 2004 - 11:31 am

on saturday i broke up with my alone time. i called up meesoo and we talked about work and art and money. it had been a while since i had actually picked up the phone to talk to someone. inspired by our conversation, i headed out into the sun and ran into jason as i left my building. we chatted for a long while about his new baby, his house that he owns (and i always thought he rented), the changing neighbourhood, and art. it was a good conversation that spurred me to think about what i really want to do with my day, my week, my year. those are the good kind of conversations. i've got to transform all of my thoughts into action.

i rode my bike downtown to see the documentary about henry darger. i met up with cornelius and later randy. it was an amazing film. i wasn't sure i'd like the animating of darger's art, but it was very suited to his style. cornelius and i wished we could stay for the filmmaker's q&a period but we had to run off to the cinamatheque to see the documentary "tarnation". we arrived on time and were unexpectedly joined by larissa and josh which was nice. "tarnation" was also another good film and i'm glad that we were blessed with good film viewing that evening. we walked home since cornelius didn't ride his bike. once home we realized that we hadn't returned the dvd that we got from moonboy the night before ("city of god", amazing), so we took a midnight stroll around the 'hood acting all sickly sweet goofy and in love.

yesterday i decided to deal with our unorganized home and tidied up and dealt with those ikea boxes under our bed. it felt good to decide what was worth keeping and what was just junk. i then made up a dinner for me and cornelius that was made up with thrifty scraps from the fridge: half a head of cabbage, half an onion, half a can of pinapple chunks, ginger, garlic, tofu and some rice = tasty & cheap. dan and pam called and we met them for tasty microbrews at the yaletown brew pub and 5-pin bowling at the commodore lanes. it was good times. i hadn't been 5 pin bowling in ages and wasn't used to the tiny balls and the widely spaced pins. we bowled 2 games and during the first game, i bowled my usual crappy game (67!) and during the 2nd game i broke the one-hundred mark (105!) for the first time in about 5 years. whooo.

i'm not working again this week (tho i've got a job tommorrow designing a template) but i'm not too worried. i've got plans and i actually think i can get them accomplished. maybe its the change in the season (tho it's still quite sunny and warm outside) but i feel there is an urgency to get things done....something akin to gathering nuts for the winter but less frantic. it's a good urge and i encourage the feeling.

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