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September 30, 2004 - 11:27 am

i feel happy today. i'm not sure the cause but i'm going to suck it til it's dry. maybe it was the great night i had with cornelius. he got his library promotion (yay!) and i met him after his shift at the kits library. we wandered around shops and got some pretty pastries at notte's bon ton and some dark french roasted beans at yoka's coffee and honey shop. i have a love/hate relationship with kits. it's a neighbourhood filled with dog-loving yoga-gear wearing yuppies with suv's and huge beach-front homes....but it's also a 'hood with shops that are open late and lots of great restaurants & bakeries. i love strolling along the treed residential streets and hell, there's a beach! i'm glad i don't live there, but it's a great place to visit. when we got home we watched 3 hours of television (!!) but it was good times with antm, the apprentice and queer eye.

this morning i woke up early. i read with a coffee in bed brought to me by c who was getting ready for work. once he was out of the house, i took a bath and used my new aura mint & rosemary shampoo and conditioner which along with my dr. bronner's peppermint soap left me feeling all minty fresh. tingling from head to toe, i decided to put on my gym clothes and head to the gym. i haven't been there since august and felt pretty bad about being so slack, but it felt good and hopefully i can get back into some kind of gym routine.

today i've got some sewing to do but i'm excited rather than scared. i've also got my first flash class tonight and instead of being intimidated i plan to take it by the horns. i've done things in flash before but it's always been pure hell with tears and frustration. i'm going to try a new attitude and focus on the process rather than the results. actually, that's something i've got to practice with all of my endeavours. this time i'm not so scared. i'm happy and excited and i'm not going to question it.

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