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September 28, 2004 - 12:34 pm

last night i did pilates for the first time and i quite liked it. very relaxing with all that breathing and much stretching. yesterday i also went out and bought a pretty new skirt (the softest brown fabric with a kick pleat) and a lovely warm caridgan with silky details. i also bought some nice fitting cords and a shirt. now i just need a couple of good shoes.

i've actually compiled a list of things i want that i hope to get before i die:

  • a black leather belt
  • a facial (done professionally)
  • a digital camera
  • an ipod
  • a scanner
  • a g5

    it's not such a bad list, i don't think. i wasn't being too greedy, was i?

    i'm not working this week and as it would happen, i think i might be sick! i swear i didn't get it from cornelius but some sniffling bum on the bus yesterday. i really really hate taking the bus, but i wore bad shoes to walk in yesterday and decided to save my feet by bussing it. damn. as much as i'd like to just be restless and watch tv and sleep, i can't. cornelius is at work all day and i must go to commercial drive and return some dvds. i might pick up some needed healthy groceries and a nice lunch. and i'll definitely walk rather than bike today.

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