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September 12, 2004 - 10:15 am

friday i didn't go into work. apparently, they are moving my office and my computer won't be working, so i just stayed late on thursday with the walkmen playing really loud on my itunes. it was a good night considering i was at work. i guess the "wine break" to try out the wines of a new client didn't hurt things either.

so when friday came and both c and i had the day off from work, we decided to hit up the nice cafe for breakfast. sadly, it sucked so bad. with our bellies not feeling their best, we decided to head to granville island and visit lee's donuts (mmmm). we also visited jewellery stores for the first time in my life. i guess c was interested in what kind of engagement ring i'd be into, so we checked out a few artisan shops and found one i really did like. modern and simple. it was the one c liked the best too. i just don't know how jewellery will look on my fish-finger hands. c is pretty underprepared in the engagement/wedding department. he didn't realize that when we get married he'd get to have a ring too, but even he managed to find one he liked too. it's so funny thinking about getting married because up until i fell in love with c i never thought about getting married. i never had those dreams about the perfect wedding or dress -- and i still don't. i never attended a wedding until this year where i attended 3...but i really do love the thought of some kind of public declaration. c couldn't care less about a public ceremony as he's extremely shy and introverted and would rather elope quietly....he's more excited about our honeymoon plan to visit holland (his heritage) and lithunania (my heritage) and to start having kids. eek!

yesterday we started the day with a great breakfast and the saturday paper. we met up with dan and pam for an afternoon game of croquet at c's parents house and then we decided we'd check out the richmond night market. unfortunately, the market was closed and more unfortunately, c left the key to "the club" at his parent's house in burnaby...and we only realized this once the club was securely locked to the steering wheel. to salvage the evening, we bussed back to our house and played a few rounds of "racko" and "waterworks", leaving the toyota to fend for itself in richmond. c left this morning to get back the car, but i'm sure it will be about a 4 hour trip by bus to get it all sorted out. damn!

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