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September 09, 2004 - 9:14 am

after the last canadian federal election i don't put too much faith in polls. pollsters had predicted the conservative party to win, but the liberals managed to squeek in with a minority government. but still poll results like this one scare me. in last night's news a poll was mentioned where the rest of the world was polled about who they wanted to see as the next american president and only 3 countries (poland, the phillipines, and nigeria) wanted bush. every other country wanted kerry to win.

i was expecting a slow work week....maybe just working one day. but instead i've been working everyday this week. maybe my standard of living won't decrease that much with only one part-time job if this keeps up. i did have dreams of starting to re-work my blazer as well as start sewing up some wallets and purses out of old clothes, but i'm happy to be making some money right now. i think our plans of black tusk hiking are being delayed due to a rainy weekend. but c's parents will be away for a week or so, and i'm hoping that one day will be sunny enough for a game of croquet or two with friends. we'll also have their car, so i'm also hoping a trip to daiso and the richmond night market will also happen.

i've got to bathe and head to work soon. i need new music so if anyone has any recommendations, please fill me in. i'm losing touch.

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