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September 07, 2004 - 8:51 am

it's been a whirlwind weekend and a nice goodbye to summer. sunday we started out late and we headed off to seattle in a crappy little vw golf rental car. we made it into ballard and i showed cornelius around and we had coffee at hattie's hat. when it came around to dinner, we tried a few places that i had read about that were in far off different parts of the city but everything was closed! we managed to eat at some thai place on 15th ave. in capital hill that was surprisingly good. we then headed back to ballard as kyla had left her key for us under the mat. we stocked her fridge with beer and almost as soon as we arrived, kyla and sergio came back from bumbershoot. it was like old times seeing kyla 2 weekends in a row....could she really be in another country and not just down the street?

the next morning we woke up early and headed out for breakfast where i had my first chicken fried steak. unfortunately, it was pretty bland but kyla blamed it on the restaurant and not on the dish. i guess i'll have to try it again somewhere else! we then drove to the evergreen state fair, which was hands down the best fair i've ever been to. lots of agricultural exhibitions and amazing 4H displays. perhaps the best 4h exhibition was the sewing display and fashion show. i was amazed at all the sewing talent in these young girls...especially as i can hardly sew a straight line with my hardly-used machine. it was especially amusing watching a few of the moms express their horror at 2 of the girls up on stage. these 2 small-farm town monroe girls had dreams of hollywood and glamour and made low-cut, super sequined, super short dresses with hip-high slits and wore hooker-high stilletos. oh what a treat! we moved onto more exhibitions and drooled over all the jams, jellies and pickles. after the food exhibitions, it was time to eat and i felt no guilt eating my delicious corn-dog, as fair eating requires food that can be deep-fried and eaten off a stick. we headed back to seattle and cornelius and i said our good-bye's and headed back home.

today i'll head off to work where i can dream about next weekend: a 3 day camping trip to black tusk.

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