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August 31, 2004 - 11:00 am

i made a to-do list this morning and even though i haven't crossed off a thing yet, i'm feeling better about things. a spark of motivation is better than a fire of laziness, or something. sure, i'm scared about the lack of income i will face in the next six months but i'm filling the void with projects and learnin'.

i'm signing up for a couple of part-time classes, so i can keep on top of my skills and learn some new ones. these will be bonifide classes at a school. i'm also going to start saturday morning school with my friend carley. she's a graphic designer without an online portfolio and i'm a web designer who knows little about the print process. sure, i work as a graphic designer (or more likely a production assistant) and i design stuff that usually goes directly to our digital printer but i know nothing about sending stuff to an off-set printer and what all of that entails. so, i will show carley how to design and build her online portfolio and she will show me what i will need to know about pre-press stuff and dealing with printers. she will even take me out on a print check (field trips!!) to see what goes on there. this is exciting!

this weekend, kyla and i made plans for another project: project blazer. in order to help our motivation and keep up the creative process, we've opted for a project with a start date and deadline. we will search for a blazer and then make it into a fantastic blazer. we can do what we want with it: add rick-rack, add a hood, change the sleeves, add embroidery, felted flowers, etc. we were inspired by a cool looking blazer that we saw at the freemont market and figured we could replicate it at home without the huge price tag. we figured we could turn it into a project and that each month or two, we could spur each other's creative abilities with something new, as we both thrive with deadlines. how exciting does that sound? i'm excited!!

i'm also planning some home improvement projects for the fall. our hallway must get painted as we've already got the paint. we need to tell our landlord to get us a new fridge as our inside freezer door has fallen off and it bugs the heck out of me. plus, we need new carpet or a new floor. i will get over my fear of my landlord and get shit done. excitement here i come!!

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