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August 23, 2004 - 8:22 pm

even though we didn't do anything this weekend, it was wonderful! the cool weather and overcast skies made staying indoors easy and comfortable. we stayed in and worked hard on our freelance project and left only once to get groceries for the night's dinner. we made a delicious dinner from scratch and didn't feel oppressed by the heat just by using more than one burner. we had an enjoyable meal and watched the olympics and even though we didn't really do anything spectacular or even fun, it felt good and productive. plus, i can never complain about work when there are kisses and hugs and good times to be had with c.

sunday we headed out for breakfast, got groceries and cleaned our apartment from top to bottom. i made a delicious pizza and a blueberry/blackberry/rhubarb crumble and had dan and pam over to share in the wealth. we played a few rounds of "waterworks" and tile rummy, drank beers and had a good time. i didn't have to work today so cornelius and i ran around doing errands and working on projects around the house. again, nothing exciting, but being in each others company and making each other laugh can't be beat.

yup, nothing too exciting going on, but i couldn't be happier! (go ahead, shoot me).

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