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August 16, 2004 - 6:17 pm

it's been a wonderful day. i was dreading work after having such a nice weekend, but projects that i was supposed to work on were delayed, so i left work at noon! noon, goddammit!!! i hopped on my bike and headed for home where i made myself a yummy chutney and cheese sandwich and a salad of organic wild greens. i made a hair appointment and then rode my bike up to beehive, the salon (with no stopping to walk my bike up the major hill). the haircut isn't the greatest cut that i've ever had but the hairdresser was nice and we knew many of the same people so it was actually nice chatting to her. usually, i loathe making small talk with hairdressers and love the ones that are nice and quiet.

afterwards, i went to the front where some clothes that i had consigned sold. it was a good feeling picking up money for clothes that i'd normally just leave in front of my building! then i booted it to commercial drive to return a dvd and get groceries. i even went to a bakery to buy cupcakes for my coworkers tommorrow, tho they got a bit squished from being stuffed into my bag. it's an appeasement gift as they had to suffer through my stress periods which probably worried them with thinking i'd never get the job done! the clerk was extra nice and he gave me 2 pieces of my most favorite banana-chocolate-cinnamon cake for free! i guess it pays to shop at a bakery when they are about to close!

however, when i got home and checked my email i found work in my inbox. that nixed dinner plans with dan and pam but i'm okay with that because if i had been at work all day i wouldn't have gotten around to doing half of the things on my list. everyone should get off at noon!

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