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August 07, 2004 - 10:21 pm

i could pretend at least for a few more hours that i had an exciting life, but that would be a lie. true, i had plans to go to a show tonight, but my plans fell through and instead i worked at home on a friday night. but that's not all, i also did dishes and cleaned up the livingroom!

earlier in the day i met up with meesoo who told me that he picked up a book last week that he found at a local magazine shop that i'm in! really, i am. i was email-interviewed about 5 years ago from the author in england and hadn't heard anything since so i just assumed the project was killed. obviously, i didn't get a free copy nor did i head out to the store to purchase one either.

but the main highlight of the day was trying boylan's creamy red birch beer. i'm already a card-carrying fan of their plain ol' brown birch beer, but i'm convinced by the red. and what a red it is!! the foamy top is pure pink delight and the taste is delicious! i'm trying to stop my pop consumption, but i'm definitely making an exception for boylans!

well, that about wraps up my saturday night. fun times!!

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