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August 06, 2004 - 4:08 pm

thanks to everyone for their kind words about my stress-filled job and the detailed answers on my hottman vs hottman. very helpful. to create less stress for next week, i'm taking work home with me. i popped into my web design office after work today (from my graphic design office) and was told that i'll be a rich lady next week due to all the extra hours i'll be putting in. i hope the money is worth all the stress but i somehow doubt it. i'm going to start thinking positive thoughts starting now.

carrying me into positivity is the fact that yesterday i told my boss at the graphic design place that my last day will be september 3rd. i'm quitting because i'm really hired by an evil temp agency who takes almost half of my wage. it thrills me to no end to know that my time with them is near. but i really do like working at my job, so my boss will re-hire me in 6 months (when all temp agency contracts become null and void) as a freelance worker and at an excellent wage. that makes me more than happy!! so as long as i don't get fired next week from my wd job i should be smooth sailing. i'll have to hustle for work in september or october, but i think i'll be fine.

i was hoping to see the pink mntops on saturday at the anza, but i think i'll actually have too much work to do. not only do i have to do work that i took home with me today, but me and cornelius have a freelance client that needs our attention. i'm going to try to get as much as i can do tonight and see what happens for tommorrow. i'll definitely need some kind of stress relief and i don't see anyone in this apartment mixing me a margarita right now.

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