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August 04, 2004 - 9:05 pm

i can wax on about owen, but no props for mark?? man, he is such a hottie. and that voice of his.....such a dream-boat.

here is where i crash back to reality. bump! crash! fizzle! yesterday work really did suck. my boss will leave me on my own next week and normally that isn't much of a problem....except next week are 2 projects from hell. the projects will be tough for me because i don't know how it's all set up and the site has all these hacks that my boss made up and expects me to get to know how to do them with a very short briefing. i was shitting bricks yesterday anticipating some major screw up for next week and could visualize myself getting fired and re-evaluating my career choice. the thoughts in my head did not help to make yesterday any better. i was a quivering mass of girl flesh and my stomach was in knots when i got home. sure, i over react and it is a problem....especially as i have a history of serious panic attacks. it's my internal freak-outs that ends up doing the most harm. yesterday was a mess. i can't wait for next week.

today i worked at my other job, the corporate one and everything was all smooth sailing. phew! i thought i'd make it to the gym tonight, but kristen called and wanted to meet for gelato. i didn't have to flip a coin on that one! i had a coffee crisp gelato and she had a vegan soya chocolate gelato. i can't vouch for her vegan treat (tho she said it was "amazing"), mine was definitely a taste sensation.

tommorrow c is taking in the van to get repaired -- i guess a rock punctured the spot where the power steering fluid is kept and all the fluid ran out. then we're putting it in the buy&sell right away as i can't handle the pressures of owning a vehicle.

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