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August 02, 2004 - 9:41 pm

a long weekend spent in the company of amazing people can be the most thrilling and the most relaxing thing at once. saturday morning i spent on my bike running errands (like picking up a 2 six-packs of beer, a bottle of tequila, and 2 kinds of olives) on commercial drive. i wanted to be prepared and be the perfect hostess to our out of town guests. kyla and sergio arrived in time for a couple of cold ones and some snacks before we booted it to new brighton park to see randy and anita exchange vows in the hot summer sun. it was a very family and very religious ceremony but it certainly wasn't off-putting in the least. we stood in front and watched randy with tears running down his face trying to choke back his happiness while not forgetting the vows he wrote 2 days prior. it was sweet.

before heading to the reception we made a quick detour to our place to drink margaritas and chat some more. when we arrived at the hall, there was some seat mix up and cornelius and i ended up sitting with an entire family and tho i tried to cover up my disappointment, my face shows all. fortunately randy saw to it and we got to sit with all of our friends during the many speeches and dinner. of course, we drank and drank and danced and danced. cornelius and i snuck out cuz i was upset that he's not a dancer so i had it out with him, but to no avail. i guess, c will have to be my own private dancer. we ended up making out on somebody's front steps and made plans for our future. we returned to the hall, where i continued to dance dance dance.

in the morning c and i prepared a lovely breakfast for our first overnight guests ever and then we headed out to main street for some shopping and shuffleboard. randy had called in the morning and told us to come by in the late afternoon as he was leaving for a 3 week honeymoon the next day. unfortunately, his parents and entire family were huddled in their apartment and randy's mom gave us the evil eye the entire time. but did that stop us from eating all the yummy chocolates and cheese platters?? of course not! frowning mothers, be dammed!! we closed out the day with a delicious dinner at incendio's and then kyla and sergio headed back to seattle. it was a fantastic visit. and it made me realize that it's okay to have good friends all over -- they don't all have to be living right around the corner.

today we took out the van and picked up dan and pam and drove out to cat lake for a swim. i haven't been swimming in years and i loved every single moment of it. i used to be quite the swimmer in grade school and high school and was one course short of being a lifeguard. i even had dreams of being on the olympic swim team but i'm not dedicated in the least to anything -- much less to anything sporty, so that dream was quickly abandoned in favour of meeting up with boys. we dove off of logs and i swam out to the middle of the lake and back. i refused all floatation devices and enjoyed trying out various swimming strokes. it was so much fun. i've got a bit of a sunburn on my back but i suffered no other ill effects. our van, on the other hand, did make a groaning noise once we arrived back into vancouver this evening. we've only been vehicle owners since saturday and this was our first trip and things are not looking up. we are planning on putting it up for sale this week but we were at least hoping for some more trips with it. yarg, i'm not a fan of vehicle ownership. give me a bike with a flat tire any day!!

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