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July 27, 2004 - 6:26 pm

work. how much to i hate you? let me count the ways.

  1. work is ruining my social life. will i ever get out to seattle to visit kyla? i thought i might have a chance to go and visit next weekend, but my boss asked me to stay here as we are swamped. will i get more than 2 days off in a row this summer? oh, i can only hope so!
  2. work is causing me physical pain. my wrists are killing me and my hands feel numb. work caused the pain in my neck.
  3. work is with me during the day. work is with me at night. freelance work is plentiful right now and i should be thankful, but i'd rather have extra work in the fall when i'll be out of a job.
  4. because of work, i don't have time to get groceries and am lacking fresh vegetables, yogurt and other good things. my cupboard is bare.
  5. i've missed lunch this week because not only could i not pack a lunch because of my bare cupboard, but because there was just too much work to do.
  6. i've got a pimple. i'm blaming it on work.

the only good thing about work is that i'm busy here at home too. just so that i totally don't get stuck behind my computer, i've been taking breaks like "doing dishes", "taking out the recycling", and "gardening". what fun, you say? well, it beats staring at the computer working on mind-numbing code.

the thing that makes me happy? cornelius. i'm loving every minute of his massages and goodness.

(i'm also pretty happy with my new lipstick: mac's viva glam five. so pretty!!)

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