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July 19, 2004 - 4:53 pm

yesterday i was grilled by c's 93 year old mennonite grandma about my entire personal history. she might as well have asked for a dna sample. the marriage pressure is on! after much awkwardness at c's family bbq, i relaxed by playing croquet. i love croquet, i just wish i wasn't so bad at it.

today is the first day of full time work. yup, i'll be working pretty much every day until september 1st. i'm not looking forward to it as i usually only work three days a week plus any freelance -- not five. i can understand that there will be no pity party for me! i'm not looking forward to the next few weeks at all. i still haven't even figured out what i'm going to make for randy and anita's wedding present! how can i top the scrabble bulletin board that i made for kyla's wedding? any ideas would be appreciated.

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