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July 13, 2004 - 8:01 am

the only thing i have to do for work is draw a brain! ha!! i've never drawn one before, but i'm pretty sure i can have one down pretty fast and then i can get on with the rest of my day! i have plans and ingredients and a list or two that need my immediate attention. i'm excited about this week which is much more than i can say about last week.

i hate to say i was in a funk but the past weekend was rough. i'm sure a lot had to do with my sore neck (which is still sore, but way less), but i think it had parts to do with the fact that c worked all weekend and i can't just call up kyla on a whim and pick blackberries or whatever. things picked up slowly on saturday night where we headed to a friend's housewarming party in our neighbourhood. this couple had just paid close to $400,000 for a small but sweet one bedroom plus den plus tiny basement townhome with no yard or privacy. it was a strange party and i'm hesitant to use that word, but we did drink and eat snacks and watch skateboarding videos like this one. i did get to meet cheryl's beau a bit more and was endeared by his good-natured drunkeness and slight facial tick. it was after one am when we left and was shocked that it actually was that late.

sunday i decided that it was time to get my ass in gear. i cleaned the house until it shined and got all the dishes done. i went to the strathcona gardens sale and bought a whole flat of plants for our fire escape for three dollars cuz everything was going cheep at the end of the day. i then took a bus to meet c at kits library. we had a very delicious burger and a long-awaited root beer float at moderne burger before we headed to the fifth avenue cinemas to see fahrenheit 9/11 (which was great, duh). we walked home along the burrard street bridge and then walked the seawall home. it was a great night for kissing and handholding and taking my breath away.

yesterday i went in to work and then met c at t&t so that we could get groceries and i'd have some extra muscle to carry everything home. we made the most delicious stir fry with tofu, bbq pork, pineapple and lots of vegetables. anita dropped by with 5lbs of blueberries that she sold to us on the cheap from her cousin's farm...so if anyone has any good blueberry recipes, let me know! we then watched carl dreyer's ordet which c brought back from the library. he also picked up my a couple of my own holds which came in and i started this one last night.

yes, things are getting better.

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