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July 10, 2004 - 8:15 am

for the past 2 days now i've had a painful stiff neck and it's driving me nuts. my range of neck motion is minimal and i feel like a walking robot. my boss said that i should see her chiropractor. chiropractors give me a creepy feeling but maybe i should just get over it. c said i should do stretches and go see a doctor. i don't know what to do right now, tho i have given some serious thought to walking into chinatown and going into one of the acupuncture offices above one of the vegetable and herbal stores. i dunno, i guess right now i'll try anything. i want it gone today as it is seriously impacting my life. well, not that seriously as i had no real major plans for this weekend. i was going to reformat my hard drive (yikes!) and install osx (yikes!!), but i don't know if it would be worth it yet as i don't have any of the software yet. it looks like my only options are to sit stiffly while either reading a book (that i can grab from one of our low shelves), watching tv or staring at the computer. not much fun at all. i'm also a bit peeved that i got home from work too late to pick up my holds at the strathcona branch library. i'm sure i had some good reads and some dvds waiting. damn. i'll have to wait until monday for those.

last night when i was feeling a bit more limber than i am right now, i met up with c at the chinatown night market and we went to our favorite vietnamese/cambodian restaurant for soup and sweet vietnamese coffee. i also managed to bake some chocolate chip cookies that i had planned on giving to our next door neighbour in belated thanks to looking after snoopy when we went away to anacortes. somehow i managed to add too much salt or baking soda and they are a tadd too salty to give away as a present. maybe today i'll try another batch and be more vigilant with my recipe. i remember when i was in grade six and i had recently been caught from stealing from my parents wallets, i was baking cookies for a bake sale at school. i somehow managed to add too much salt and i remember my mom accusing that i had made up the bakesale as a rouse so that i could eat them all to myself. my mom has some very strange logic and always assumed the worst in her children and i always thought it was because she was french and really catholic. what a strange childhood memory. i got lots of 'em.

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