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July 08, 2004 - 8:17 pm

so last night i was bored when i should have been working and decided to redo my template. it needed a summery touch so i looked at my stock of vintage images and started cutting them up in photoshop and making a lovely collage that is not only pretty but kinda creepy too. right now, i should be at the gym but instead i just uploaded the new template and writing this entry. oh well. i made myself promise to clean the toilet, the bathroom sink and do the dishes as punishment. i'll go to the gym tommorrow.

when i got back from work today there was a brand-spanking new issue of readymade magazine on my coffee table. i love magazine subscriptions!! it's making me feel crafty and i wish that i could make some polaroid transfers or buy myself a gocko. i'm also jonsing for a rootbeer float still! (sorry, mel). last night after working real hard, me and c took a "bed break" and then we walked to la casa gelato for some icecream. i got myself a yummy marzipan gelato, but it wasn't a replacement for my dream float. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

the dishes are calling. damn.

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