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July 01, 2004 - 12:34 pm

yesterday's pastoral climb was nothing like i'd imagined. there were no glacier lakes and there wasn't an alpine meadow in sight. what there were plenty of was rocks and snow. snow!! i guess i should have expected that alpine peaks would have snow, but i didn't realize to what extent i'd be walking in, trudging in, climbing on and eventually (when going downhill) doing some good ol' ass sliding on it. snow on the last day of june, me in shorts and a teeshirt and it was so fucking hot and i slathered sunscreen on myself every hour or so. it took approximately 3 generous hours to get to the peak of mount seymour and the view, of course, was spectacular. 360 degree view of it all and it was beautiful. we ate our sandwiches and fruit salad on the top rock and shouted out "ka-caw!" (the bottle rocket cry) and listened to it echo back to us. thankfully there was no one else around. my boots were soaking wet but it still felt good. i've never climbed a mountain like that before and it felt like i'd achieived some kind of milestone or accomplishment. c is a seasoned hiker and i knew he was pretty proud of me even though i had a bit of a breakdown when i realized that i'm actually a bit afraid of heights!

after the hike, we went to the marina bar and grill -- the bar where the rape scene in the accused was filmed. there was no pinball machine to be seen and it actually was a private marina bar/restaurant and kinda upscale. dan, c and i were a bit dirty and sweaty but we needed drinks and food and were curious to check it out. dan saw an old lady's boob pop out of her low cut dress and i saw the first boy i had sex with! crazy since we both lived in ontario at the time. i didn't say hi to him or anything, but it was a bit strange and i'm glad we left soon after he arrived. i wonder if he recognized me. i'll never know.

today is canada day and i'm getting together with some friends for a lil' picnic in the park outside of my house. i wanna play in the water park and play a bit of frisbee. i think i'm getting a bit sick, but i'm due for a cold since i havne't been sick since last september when i went on my x-country trip.

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