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June 24, 2004 - 8:58 pm

it's been a crazy few days. i've made a couple of layer cakes and best of all, i finished this bulletin board (thanks to laura-jane for posting the link with instructions a few weeks ago!). it says kyla loves sergio and it's part of their wedding present from us (they are also getting a subscription to readymade magazine from us too!).


  • i almost had a panic attack. stress is the word of the week. too much work, too much baking, too much cleaning, too much freaking out about marriage (brought on by c's mom). eek.

  • i've been drinking a lot of water.

  • i bought some cute shoes today. flats with a pretty flower sewn on top. black with pink stitching. i wish they were red.

  • i got offered a second interview from the place i interviewed with last weekend. and i thought i gave a pretty shitty interview. who knew.

  • tommorrow we're anacortes bound. i can't wait to get out of this city!

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