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June 22, 2004 - 5:24 pm

i worked from home today again. i used to think that working from home was freeing somehow. i was wrong. last night i worked until 10:30pm and i haven't even stepped outside today because i've been chained to the computer since 7:30am. why am i here updating a silly journal? i'm stalling because i've got more projects to do. thankfully, not on my computer this time, but i'm pretty busy lately. tonight i'm making a craft for kyla and sergio's wedding and i'm hoping to watch "hideous kinky" (my library movie) while i craft away. watching a movie will be a treat along with my frozen green grapes that have been hiding out in my freezer.

i've also got to update my to-do list because i'm certain i'll forget something before kyla's wedding. i'm going to be making 2 kinds of cake and i've only got 1 cake recipe that i want to use. so if anyone has any tried and true cake recipes that they'd like to share with me, please help a girl out!! i'd also like to buy a new pair of shoes. it's apparently pretty hard in this city finding cute, wearable shoes. tommorrow will be busy busy busy as i shop for shoes, shop for a wedding gift and work on a web project. yeesh!!

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