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June 20, 2004 - 11:01 am

last night we went to see "sunshine of the spotless mind" and loved it. it made me think about all the memories i had with my old boyfriend (i dated him for almost 5 years) and i just couldn't do it. i couldn't remember any of the good times. i could only recall those last bitter days and that was it. selective memory, good or bad? of course, i've got nothing but good memories and great realities with cornelius. anyways, it was a great movie.

yesterday i was cleaning out a box full of stuff and i found a local paper that had a picture of me when i was 26, rocking out in my band and totally hottt. was that me? how come i never thought of myself as a hottt girl then? but i have picture-proof. weird.

i also had a job interview yesterday and i totally blew it. i wasn't very enthused about it cuz the company seemed a bit shady or something. i didn't get a good feeling from their emails or their company website. needless to say i didn't do much preparing. but when i went and saw that there were other hopefulls in the office waiting for their interview, i suddenly went into competition mode (i'm a competitive girl) and felt like i should have prepared more. when i'm prepared i give really good interviews. damn. oh well, i didn't want to work there anyway.

in other news. yesterday we got a nice american contract to do an ecommerce website. it will be excellent experience and nice money too. and i think someone from dland referred us, which is pretty fucking amazing. online journals as connections, who knew? if you are that person, please let me know!!

last night after the movie, we were walking down east hastings to our home and hipsters abounded. i think p:an0 were playing at the astoria. i love p:an0 and it would have been good to see them again and chat but we needed our asses horizontal. but it would have been cool to go to the astoria since it's only 3 blocks away from our house and we've only gone there for offsales. i hope more bands get booked there cuz that would be rad.

yesterday i bought a tank top and normally i'm shy about my bare upper arms and the fact that my boobs just look much bigger in a tank. but i'm pretty happy with the one i bought. it will be good for the gym and hanging out in the park outside my house. i am loving this hot weather. c thinks it's pretty unbearable but i'm happy wearing my skirts and tshirts. our apartment is pretty cool right now which is nice. except for dinner at c's parents house tonight, my day is free. i think i'm going to run some errands in preparation for kyla's wedding, but i'll do it by bike so i'll be feeling the cool breeze and that will be more than good. i love lazy sundays!!

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