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June 18, 2004 - 3:54 pm

today i've made my decision to quit my temp job. well, the temp job that i've had for the past year and a half. i have a lot to be thankful for from this job. i never did graphic design before and now i've got a year and a half work of experience. even tho i'm not designing anything really exciting, i've not only learned new layout software, but i know if really well. also, i like the people i work with. i do (generally). mark september in your calendars cuz that's when i'll be gone. hopefully, once the temp contract ends, she can hire me back in 6 months for a hella more cash. in the words of my old employer sam, "i said it, i did it" -- or will do it. it looks like me and c will be having lots of freelance work this summer. i have a job interview tommorrow for a steady contract position to do web design. and we've got two quotes to get ready for other potential jobs! i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

it's really hot in here and i'm not going to take off all my clothes. i'll prolly just put on shorts and head to the gym. yes, my friday night is a bit different than the weekends of hip hop stars. c is working at the library and i think i might try to call friends to see if an icy cold pitcher of beer is in the cards for tonight. somehow, i think it will be.

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