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June 15, 2004 - 10:57 am

ah, lists! just when they start to dwindle, i end up adding more. i could have a defeatest attitude about the whole thing, but i'm actually feeling pretty good about getting stuff done. yesterday i went to the gourmet food warehouse and bought 3 different size cake tins, a cake decorating bag with tips and some very pretty ribbon coconut. i'm going to be making 2 cakes for kyla's wedding and i'm pretty excited about the whole process. i also put up stuff to sell on ebay -- something that wasn't on my list but i feel good about. i should put up even more too. soon. i did a bit of work from home today -- just a lil' flash thing -- but it felt good getting it done all by myself. c has been teaching me flash and i'm totally the worst student, even though i have previously taken 2 different flash classes before, i simply hate it. but i did finish off my project on my own and my boss loves it, so there. and i'm even going to try and find a flash class this summer....again. maybe this time it will stick in my head.

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yup, that's it.

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