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June 14, 2004 - 11:54 am

after not really accomplishing anything this weekend, i decided to make a to-do list at 7:30 am this morning. i usually have a list in some form of completion, but it was time to actually use it and start crossing things off. there are 13 things on the list and i've crossed off 4 things already. not so bad.

this weekend was busy and hectic....but in areas outside of feeling productive. saturday was the gemini party and we had so much fun! it was a dress up party, but it was too chilly to walk with bare legs so i went hippy-style and wore jeans underneath my dress. i've never done that look before and probably won't again, but it was pretty functional for the rainy/chilly evening. someone even told my old adblusters boss that i had the prettiest dress of the evening! we danced to black sabbath, iron maiden, and petter gabriel (strange but true) and drank various delicous and lethal concoctions. at the end of the evening, the usually undemonstrative kyla hugged the equally undemonstrative me and told me all kinds of mushy stuff and i started to cry knowing that she would be leaving the country for good the next day.

the next morning c and i woke up just the tiniest bit queasy and walked over to kyla's to help her pack up the moving truck. and when the truck was packed, i shed a few more tears and off into the red, white and blue she went. for the rest of the day i realized just how hung-over i was and i couldn't manage to do a thing and that made me feel even worse. i guess that is what sparked me to create my to-do list this morning. i'm working from home today so i don't have any important deadlines to make. but i've got a list to keep me on track. it's a good feeling. now, i've got to get outside, run some errands, and cross off a few more things.

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