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June 12, 2004 - 7:26 am

yesterday i had a bad day at work. i knew that i just should have called in sick. but i managed to leave early and get a haircut at beehive. somehow in the chair to my lovely and oh-so-non-chatty hairdresser (that's how i like 'em) all my bad feelings drained away. and lots of hair fell to the floor too. afterwards, i met c and we went to the reef and drank a pitcher of yummy rum punch and ate jerk chicken. bad feelings gone. below the new hair (and my old squinty eye). as you can see from the picture, i've pretty much grown out my bangs. it was hell and i'm not sure it was worth it. i like my new haircut better than i liked my haircut for the past few months but i now feel like i look like the bang-less masses. i need a fringe, goddammit!!

yesterday after thinking that i only had a few rag-tag photos of me and c, i discovered one that we took with his ebay-bought olympus camera (if you can't afford a lomo, get an award-winning designed olympus that takes similarly colourful photos). this picture isn't very representative of how good a camera it actually is. it's a grainy photo as we didn't have much light going on in our kitchen, but we are smiling and being goofy.

today i'm meeting carley for breakfast at the alibi room and tonight it's dan's gemini party. i'm dreaming for a good weekend.

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