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June 10, 2004 - 9:25 am

i'm not going to the gym tonight cuz i'm just tired. maybe that will change in the next half hour but i doubt it. maybe i'll just invent another "creative" snack (ie. read desperate). i just ate my "dinner" which consisted of melted semi-sweet chocolate chips and raisins dipped with salty pretzels. it was delicious. either that, or i've been very snack deprived of late.

on tuesday, i met with randy and kyla and we ventured into the wilds of "golden ears" park. we somehow ended up on a wheelchair accessible hike (?) but then found a lookout hike that was nicely uphill and somewhat strenuous. we had a picnic lunch on some rocks in a wildly rushing mountain river where the water was a very deep jade green. so pretty! we got sun and just a bit of a burn. afterwards we headed to the beatty to watch some basketball. the only sore point was that the lakers won -- but according to tonight's game three, the lakers are losing big!! go pistons! it was a perfect day off.

i've been working at my other job and hating being taken advantage of. i think it's time i asked for a raise there too. the answer will help me in my decision to quit or not to quit. maybe i'll try to compose my email to this evil, invisible temp agency that holds all the strings this evening. i'm really thinking that i actually might be able to survive on just 2 days a week...especially now with my big 33.3% raise. but the hours will be spotty throughout the summer (they will increase in the fall) and my hours at my other low-paying job are steady-freddy. i did learn a lot at this other job. i didn't know anything about print design and i've learned a lot of new layout software so it's been a beneficial learning experience.....but i've been working there for a year and a half -- definitely not a temp job anymore. my boss will hire me after the 6 months at a good pay rate so i am pretty much guaranteed work eventually. if only i could count on freelance work too. i've got some big decisions to make and an email to write to the temp agency tonight.

things in my other life are going swimmingly. i wish i had a cutie picture like miss letaboo of me and c....but i don't have any good ones of us together. how lame is that? i think i only know of 3 photos of us together. there's a ton of pictures of c and there are probably 3 entire discs filled of just me (c takes way too many photos of me!). i think this has got to change. i think it will be up to me and my lomo to make it happen...and a new scanner would be nice too.

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