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June 02, 2004 - 11:53 am

"mow the lawn" by gorky's zygotic mynci is my favorite song this morning. c and i aren't working today and we just danced and sang really loud. sunny mornings together are the best! we had planned to do some volunteer cobbing in stanley park, but it seems they have enough volunteers working today. regardless, we're going to take a bike ride into stanely park with dan and pam just to check it out and see if they need any extra help.

the other night i took out the critierion collection dvd of sejiin suzuki's "tokyo drifter" from the library. i had seen the movie years ago with meesoo and we were both really high and all i remember was that there was lots of groovy dancing and everyone spoke on bright-coloured phones. watching it this time, completely not high, all the phone-talking and groovy dancing still played a large role. the plot was a bit confusing and i still got the characters all mixed up, but it was still very enjoyable.

thanks to everyone who had good words about the crazy situation from saturday night. i actually did try to make a police report, but i've realized that it is very difficult getting into contact with the police. i was on hold on the non-emergency line for over an hour yesterday trying to get through, but had to hang up cuz i had to get to the gym. i also tried to file online, but their system kicked me off because i wasn't reporting a property crime. i'll try sending them an email today and hopefully get an answer. if all else fails, i will just go in person tommorrow after work, since i bike past the police department's main branch everyday to get to work.

anyway, i really have to head to commercial drive and get some good fruits, as we are dangerously low on smoothie supplies. smoothies, the drink of the summer! mmm!!!

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