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May 26, 2004 - 10:25 am

i'm not working today and that alone thrills me to no end. maybe i should be worried about not having enough money coming in to put towards my savings, but as long as i can put at least two-hundred a month in, then i feel there is no need to complain. ah, how the living is easy when the work is slow and the rent is cheeeep!

i didn't make it into the gym last night. after a soaking wet bike ride home from work where literally everything i was wearing got soaked, i changed into dry clothes and then hopped back on my bike and headed to the beatty to meet up with kyla, randy and dan for some basketball watching (boo lakers!) and two dollar munchies and beer. we made plans to go on a camping trip to rekindle those good old days of yore when we were all single and happy and crazy (as opposed to now where we are all hitched and happy somewhat less crazy). it's exciting to have a date set, vague plans in process and no loved ones to share the trip with us. just good times with the best of friends.

posting that old link from my diary about our camping trip made me think about how far things have progressed and how happy i've become. sure, it was fun and crazy and insane juggling boys and getting into silly drunken scrapes and worrying about paying the rent. fun to the tenth degree but rocky as hell. i like where i am now and while i get blisters and i stub my toe sometimes, it's not the rollercoaster my life was then. thank the jebus.

today i'm going to head to the gym where i will finish my book ("the torn skirt" by bebecaa godfrey). i'll go to dressew and check out fabrics so i can start a new sewing project. i will also have to buy new contact lenses as mine ripped yesterday and i think i will even make some of this. hurray for mid-week days off!

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