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May 24, 2004 - 1:50 pm

yesterday we went to nanaimo and saw the empire days parade. it's been years since i've been to a parade and it was kinda fun. teenaged beauty queens waving from decorated cars and floats, marching bands in costumes that would make them swelter in the heat, and shriners on those little motorcycles. we laughed a lot and when it was over we couldn't really find that much to do. we wandered through bookstores and record stores and found an open thrift. we had a beer and ate some mexican food down by the water. we both got sunburnt faces and we played a day-long running game of gin where i beat c by over 300 points. the blisters on my feet multiplied by two and we laughed at guys driving fieros. i wanted to say that nanimo was a total bust, but we had fun all the same. it's good to have a cohort. when we came home we were beat and we made tuna fish sandwiches and watched "don't look now" which i got from the library and was pretty bad. neither venice nor julie christie could save that one.

today is a holiday and it's hot outside. i planned to go to the gym but it was closed, so i headed to the park instead and read this book. c's at the laundromat and i probably should help him but i'm feeling selfish and i like the cool air that's flowing through the window right now. our apartment is clean and when c comes back we'll head to the compost dump to get rid of ours and then pick up some groceries on the drive. i like days like this. i wish they would never end.

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