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May 22, 2004 - 4:47 pm

i don't think i have the right to complain about anything this week. in fact, i think i can say that i've been handed a wonderful week. i got things done, i worked hard and i liked it and i've pretty much had a smile on my face the whole time. i've been to the gym often and that has made me feel much better about myself. last week we returned my deluxe mixmaster that c got me as a birthday gift and we bought a sewing machine instead. i didn't want to complain about such a wonderful present (especially since i've been wanting one forever), but i feel that right now i'm more in a creative mode than a baking mode. last night after we brought it home, i taught c how to sew. in fact, he made a wonderful denim wallet all by himself! and what's more, he loved sewing! he's now going around saying that we'll never have to buy clothes again. haha. in the past, i've made a few shift dresses and skirts on borrowed machines, so now that i've got my own, i'm pretty excited at all the possibilities. i was planning on heading to dressew today but got side tracked by the metrotown library and chinatown and i've got the blisters on my feet to prove it. i'm also pretty excited that the chinatown night market has begun!! i think me and c will have to wander down tonight for some slushy bubble tea drinks and take in the sights.

it also feels good that i don't have to take every job offer that comes along. i can be choosy. the other night i met some clients at my home and i didn't get a good feeling from them. i mean, they didn't even ask to see any of my work, they just wanted something cheap. no way. i don't have to take those jobs anymore. tommorrow, c and i are planning on taking our bikes on the ferry and heading to nanaimo. does anyone have any ideas on what there is to do there? any good restaurant recommendations? thrifts and record stores?? lemme know!!

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