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May 16, 2004 - 12:35 pm

yesterday after the commercial drive garage sale, i walked the 2 blocks from my house to another all-clothing-for-1-dollar garage sale and bought 5 shirts (2 for cornelius). if i was tiny, i would have bought some pretty dresses and skirts. i then napped and read and ate strawberries on the bed by the open bedroom window. i felt like a teenager.

when c came back from work we headed to the clubhouse and met up with kyla, sergio, randy, anita and kristen for some belated birthday festivities. it was good times!! usually i think of japanese food as healthy. last night's food at the clubhouse was anything but that. i ate the best maki roll which was a beef and sweet potato roll that was deep fried to perfection and served with a hot ginger sauce. mmmm!

i opened presents and got lots of good stuff, including some felt toys made by kristen, some more vintage aprons for my collection, miss remarkable and her career, a graphic novel from kyla which i feel i'm going to love, the american splendor graphic novel from randy and anita. also from randy, i got a whole series of mixed tapes (5 in all) with favorite songs from each year from 1917 to 2004!!! a few years ago i made this documentary about randy and his mixed taping skillz. he's pretty great. the first tape starts with, in case you are interested, "livery sable blues" by the original dixieland jazz band (1917) and the last tape ends with "pure evil" by piano (2004).

we then came back to my place and played many rousing games of pit. look for it at your local thrift, it's a fun game and you get to say "corner on wheat!" or "corner on flax!" how great does that sound? afterwards, kyla brought out a very pretty cake that looked like a sprinkled donut. i wish i had taken a photo of it (tho i've got half of it left in my fridge....so maybe i still can). mmmm, chocolate chip and coconut with coloured coconut sprinkles!! it's like my favorite ice cream flavour in a cake.

it was a good night. today is starting slowly, but i suppose that makes for an easy sunday. i like easy.

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