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May 14, 2004 - 11:47 pm

i'm just a lil bit drunk but i smell great! it's true, i took a bath before i went out and i smell delucious. i'm glad i took a bath before i went out because i was pretty stinky beforehand. i had a pretty sweaty bike ride after work and the whole time i was home, i was sniffin' going "who's dat?" but i was the only one home.

after c finished his shelving shift at the lib, we walked to the brickhouse to get beers. we sat next to a table with 4 identical girls wearing 4 pairf os identical pointy shoes, the same pairs of tight jeans, the same white belts, the same stripey '80's teeshirts and the same haircut. they drank wine. the stereo was playing hte dead presidents soundtrack. there was some art opening at the union gallery and on our way back home we stopped in. i hate art openings. everyone is so boring but they all look so hott. why?

i'm going to bed. tommorrow is garage sale craziness with the 40 block commercial drive sale. i've gottten lucky there for the past 3 years -- but not in the way yer thinking.

over and out.

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